Making music together is so much fun. The youngest children already enjoy hearing music, when they are still in momma's belly they already respond to this!
Especially making music together with (grand) parents has a positive effect, their bond is strengthened by this!

In aanraking komen met muziek op jonge leeftijd helpt de ontwikkeling op vele vlakken. Natuurlijk de muzikale ontwikkeling, maar ook motoriek, spraak/taal-, sociaal-emotionele en cognitieve ontwikkeling worden hiermee gestimuleerd!

While making music you:

  • sing, which is good for language and speech development
  • move and dance, great for gross motor skills
  • play instruments, this develops the fine motor skills
  • play together with other kids and parents, great for the social-emotional development
  • make certain subjects easier to 'discuss' by singing songs about it, also for social-emotional development
  • the two hemispheres work together when making music.