Can my child take a trial class?

For the group lessons, trial lessons aren't possible, for a few reasons:
Some kids have to get used to the new environment and people. I like to give the kids the opportunity to have a few lessons in a row, to get used to the classes and really experience every aspect. You will notice they will participate more and more per class.
Also, for the group dynamic, it’s good to have the same faces in every class. And often we build on what we did the previous class.

For private lessons it's possible to take a (paid) trial class.

I can't make it to all days of the course. Is it possible to make up for a missed class?

If you are ill, on holiday, or miss a class for another reason, there are two options:
- you follow the class from home through Google Meet;
- you can make up for a missed class in another group during the same period. This is possible when someone else from another group has canceled.

My child was ill a few times during the course. Can we be reimbursed?

Reimbursement is not possible. It is possible to make up for missed classes in another group during the same period. Is the course period finished? Then this is no longer possible.

Can we come to class with two parents?

No, children can be accompanied by one adult. It can distract kids when both parents are there, as they try to divide attention.
Also, otherwise it will be too crowded in the group.

My child's age fits in several groups. Which one should I chose?

The groups are divided by age. For some groups, the age overlaps. This is because every child develops in their own way and time. For instance, a child of 10 months can already walk, and a child of 16 months can still crawl. In this case; the baby group (Maki's) is most suitable for non-walking children. Does your child walk already? Then an older group is better.
Is your child 2 years and 2 months? Then both the Slingerapen and Meerkatten are possible. Does your child already have a lot of experience with the music classes or is really activily involved? Then you can choose the Meerkatten.
Are you having doubts which group suits your child best? Contact me!

My child is four year, but not yet ready to come on their own. Can I come to class with them?

In the groups from 4 years on, parents don't come along. If your child is not yet ready to be on their own, you can still participate in the group for younger kids. Often, after one course the kids are so familiar here, that they want to go to the group without parents.

Can I already register for the next course?

Registration is possible for one course at a time. Towards the end of the current course, registration will open for the next one. When this is possible, the registration link will appear underneath the class schedule. It's not necessary to email me for a spot on a waiting list.

From which age on can my child learn an instrument?

This depends on the child and the instrument.
Our teacher give private piano and violin lessons from 4 years on. However, not every child is ready at this age.
For a lot of children of this age, it's more suitable to take groups lessons of general music education. We have these groups from 4 - 8 years.
Is your child younger? Then they can participate in the parent+child groups. We have these for babies from 4 months until 4 years. Here, we experience music in a playful way.

Can I pay with an Ooievaarspas?

Yes, this is possible! Children until 4 years and adults get a 50% discount. Children from 4 - 18 years can even get a 100% discount. You can register through the website and select (partial) payment with Ooievaarspas. You need to bring your pass during the first class. The pass needs to be scanned every quarter of a year.
Feel free to Contact us when registration with the pass isn't clear.

Do we need instruments in order to participate?

You don't need instruments yourself. During class, we will provide all instruments and materials.
I will also give tips how to make music at home with non-instruments. Of course real instruments are a lot more fun. That's why I offer a music bag, containing a few music instruments and materials, which we use a lot in class. You can order this when registering for a course, or get it after class. Also we sell more instruments in our shop.