On Mondays (and after the summer also on Thursdays), Ingwe Mayntz provides music therapy, violin and piano lessons.
Available in Dutch, English and German.
Appointments can be made through josette@musicmonkeys.eu or 0640919983.

Music therapy

teaching music to special needs children and adults

I studied to be a music therapist in Holland and in Germany and am currently taking another degree in a special method called ‘integrative music therapy’.​

The beauty of music therapy and teaching music to special needs children or grown-ups is the direct response. Music has many healing properties. It directly influences your emotions, hence it goes through our entire system. Since our bodies are made of about 70 % of water, the vibrations of for example a sound bowl will affect the client immediately. Also, music is not only but also processed in the limbic system. The part of our brain, where emotions are processed as well. This way music offers a beautiful and easy access to our subconscious reality, which can be used to do successful music therapy!

I work with the piano, guitar, ukulele, sound bowls, percussion instruments, drums, violin, chrotta, body tambura and many more instruments that are suitable and easy to play without any musical training.

Learning the violin is fun – if you make it!

… and if you put in the effort.

I have been teaching the violin for the last 12 years of my life. Mainly to children and youth but also to adults. 
I love the path that one walks together, mostly over a few years.
You see your students grow up and become a steady part of one another’s life.
Learning the violin has to do with a lot of work and disciple.
The technical part has to be built up in order to be able to play any advanced repertoire. But this can be done in joyful ways. I always try to understand my students psychologically, mentally and physically. In order to motivate them in a positive way. My training as a music therapist most definitely ads to that ability. I try to make my students grow not only on their instrument but as a person.