Muziekondersteuning Kinderopvang

The importance of quality music education is becoming increasing familiar. Making music, singing and moving in stimulates not only musical development, but also motor skills, speech / language, social-emotional and cognitive development. Music can already be used actively before the elementary school age. With Music Monkeys I encourage music and movement to take a natural place in the daily lives of young children by making it accessible to children, parents and professionals alike. To this end, I support nurseries, schools, welfare and cultural organizations through training, workshops and advice.

Teach the Teacher

Professionals who work with young children can use music themselves, during daily activities and / or special music moments. But not everyone has the confidence for this. Often one does not think to be able to sing or to be musical. But the beauty is that anyone can use music with the right guidance!

For everyone who works with young children, from pedagogical staff at nurseries to librarians, but also for parents, I organize workshops to give you tools to integrate music into your daily activities.

Content workshop:

  • Background information on music for young children
  • How to sing nursery rhymes
  • Use of visually supporting (toy) materials
  • Which instruments are suitable for young children
  • Learn to play many nursery rhymes on a ukelele with four simple chords
  • Get this ukelele along with a songbook as a gift to really be able to make music with the children!

Duration: 2x 2,5 hours
Location: Witte de Withstraat 28 te Den Haag of eigen locatie
Dates: at request, both daytime as evening are possible
Costs: depending on number of participants and customization
Including: ukelele and songbook
Suitable for: anyone who works with young children, no musical knowledge necessary

A standard training consists of 2 meetings of 2,5 hours. Because the training is given in-company, it can be tailor-made if desired. Based on your specific learning objectives, for example, a shorter or longer training can be chosen. The training also works as team building. An interactive lecture at parents' evenings is also possible.

Workshops for the children

I can also make music at the childcare with the children myself. This can be in the group with the pedagogical staff, but also the parents can be invited to participate.

In mijn interactieve workshops wordt op een speelse manier kennis gemaakt met zang, muziek (maken), bewegen en dansen. De workshops kunnen gegeven worden zonder de pedagogisch medewerkers erbij, maar het wordt altijd een groter feestje als ze wel meedoen!
The activities are also suitable for children, pedagogical staff and parents who do not understand the Dutch language.

Aantal lessen: eenmalig of een reeks van meerdere weken achter elkaar
Duration: 45 minuten per keer

Advice on the purchase of musical instruments

Music Monkeys heeft zelf een muziekwinkel gespecialiseerd in kinderinstrumenten. Hierdoor kan ik instellingen goed adviseren voor een muziekinstrumentenpakket dat voor hen geschikt is en ook deze aankoop voor hen doen. Samen gaan we kijken waar behoefte aan is en welk budget er beschikbaar is. Aan de hand hiervan zal ik een op maat gemaakt pakket samenstellen.