Animal Secrets – piano solos to sing and play


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Piano Level: Elementary

Kids of all ages love animals, humor, and secrets! These 10 charming and inventive songs are perfect for injecting fun and singing into a piano lesson. Titles: One Smart Octopus • Porcupine Pal • Dolphin Love • Caterpillar Crawl • Cool as a Puffin • Pigs with Pearls • Squirrel Problems • The Difference Between My Cat and a Lion • Crows Have All Their Marbles, and as a bonus: Shark!

Composer: Randall Hartsell
Series: Willis
Piano Level: Elementary

  • Caterpillar Crawl
  • Cool As A Puffin
  • Crows Have All Their Marbles
  • The Difference Between My Cat And A Lion
  • Dolphin Love
  • One Smart Octopus
  • Pigs With Pearls
  • Porcupine Pal
  • Shark!
  • Squirrel Problems

ISBN: 9781705172919