Over Josette & Music Monkeys

As a young toddler I wanted to go to my sister's music class, who is two years older than me. It was actually meant for preschoolers, but I figured I was able to participate.
Music was a natural part of my upbringing, at home there was always singing and playing of the piano or guitar.

For me, music is an essential part of upbringing and education. And you really do not have to be a musical genius for this. Enjoyment is the most important thing to get a child excited. And for a baby, the vocals of her parents is the most beautiful sound, even if the parents do not think so themselves. By discovering music together in a playful way, you can stimulate the development of your child.

Because this is not self-evident in every household, I would like to help others along the way.
Not only to have a pleasant hour in class, but to be able to use it at home as well.

Met Music Monkeys bied ik muziekactiviteiten aan voor kinderen vanaf 4 maanden.
Vijf dagen per week geef ik deze activiteiten in mijn mooie leslocatie op de Witte de Withstraat 28. Daarnaast worden ze op aanvraag op locatie gegeven, bijvoorbeeld in bibliotheken, kinderdagverblijven en op verjaardagspartijtjes.
All my activities are interactive, the parents/caretakers are also involved. Sitting still is nearly impossible!


My activities are also suitable for people who do not speak Dutch. For non-Dutch parents and children, songs are a great way to get to know the Dutch language. Of course instructions and information can also be given in English.
In addition, I have experience with working with children with TOS (Language Development Disorder), so I can use visually supported tools, such as a kamishiba, icons, play materials and sign language for songs. To be able to apply this even further, I follow the course Dutch with Sign language.

Together with my own monkeys; Rowan & Oscar


Ik word bijgestaan door een aantal geweldige muziekpedagogen en muziektherapeuten, zodat we samen muziek voor nog meer kinderen toegankelijk kunnen maken.

Carolien van Tol
(ouder+kind groepen 0 – 4 & prenatale cursus volgens MLT, zang)
Ingwe Maynz
(viool, piano, muziektherapie & algemene muzikale vorming)
Romy Paap
(groepslessen BSO’s en verjaardagsfeestjes)
Elena del Castillo
(ouder+kind groepen 0 – 4 jaar volgens MLT & Muziek op Schoot, pianoles vanaf 5 jaar & muziektherapeut)