Cursussen (0 – 7 jaar)

During the year there are multiple lesson block for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The youngest come together with their parent/caretaker to the music playgroup, the pre-schoolers join the playful classes by themselves.

Babies & toddlers (0 - 4 years)

The youngest babies get amazed by all the sounds, singing and movements. The toddlers are enthusiastic about the peekaboo songs and discovering all musical instruments and play materials!

In the activities for babies and toddlers, the senses are fully stimulated. Many songs are sung with the children on parents lap, with practical songs about tidying and brushing teeth being favorite among many parents! We move and dance together to different types of music. Massages rhymes and musical sound games also pass by. 

The toddlers experience music in its entirety: with musical games, singing, playing on instruments and dancing. From traditional Dutch nursery rhymes to classical music and salsa!

In a playful way, the children discover music together with their parent/caretaker. Good for the parent-child bond and also a lot of fun!

Class structure

The lessons last 45 minutes. 10 Minutes before the class starts you are welcome for a drink. Great for the children to have a transition to get used to the space/other participants and for the parents a great opportunity to socialize!
Each lesson starts and ends in the same way. A number of familiar songs and exercises will return, because young children fare well with fixed patterns and repetition. In order to keep it fun for the parents, every lesson will include new material as well.
Apie (Monkey) also loves music and comes to take a look in every baby and young toddler class. For the children this is a familiar element, every time they look forward to seeing him!

Pre-schoolers (4 - 7 years)

As with the very youngest in the music playgroups, the preschoolers are introduced to music, singing, dancing and moving in a playful way. Only they do so without their parents. Enjoyment is paramount, because then the children automatically open to learning.

We sing songs that connect with their world of experience and also come up with lyrics together. Different musical styles and the accompanying musical instruments will be introduced. With movement and percussion we learn about rhythm and tempo. A start is also made with learning to read and write music (both classical and graphical notation).
Let's go on a musical journey!

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