Primair onderwijs (4 – 12 jaar)

For primary schools I provide various lessons within the LeerKansenProfiel (Learning Opportunity Profile) and Verlengde Schooldag (Extended School Day).
Stories, multimedia and creative means (such as music) are particularly suited to help achieve the core objectives of primary education, and to contribute to language development (as is paramount within LeerKansenProfiel).

Fun is the starting point in my lessons, for all ages, also with my lessons General Music Education. I believe that by acting in a playful way, pupils absorb knowledge faster.

My goal is to introduce pupils in an approachable way to the five music domains:

  1. Zingen;
  2. Luisteren;
  3. Spelen;
  4. Bewegen;
  5. Lezen en noteren.

In music lessons within the LeerKansenProfiel, language development can be integrated by paying extra attention to text perception, writing song lyrics, learning musical terms and names of instruments.