Shake me Rohema


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The Rohema Shake me Shaker is made of high quality brass and natural wood. The shaker is filled with fine steel sand, which provides a bright timbre. Visually, the bright sound is already recognizable by the beech wood we use for the ends of the Shake me high.

In the medium version, the grain size of the steel sand is somewhat coarser than in the Shake me High. This provides a darker, warm timbre. This is also already recognizable in the Jatoba wood used, which is also slightly darker than the beech wood used for the Shake me high with the bright sound.

The Rohema Shake Me Low has a dark timbre. The grain of the steel sand used for the filling is coarse, which makes the sound darker than that of the High or Medium Shaker. The Shake Me Low is made of high quality brass and natural walnut wood. The dark color of the wood makes the sound color of the shaker already recognizable at first sight.