Scrapy shaker Rohema




With our Scrapy Shakers we combine bell shaker and guiro. They are the perfect companions for children. Especially the little ones can already grasp the Scrapy well and sharpen their senses through the ratchet shape and the rattle sound. The natural beech wood is untreated and the colored paint on the top end is sweat and saliva resistant. So even babies can explore the Scrapy Shaker with all their senses without any concerns.

The red Scrapy Shaker is filled with steel sand for a clear rattling sound.

The bright sounding bell inside the green Scrapy Shaker contrasts with the rattling guiro sound, which is created by wiping a wooden mallet or stick across the rippled surface.

Inside the yellow shaker is a little bell. When shaken, this produces a warm sound, but if you stroke the riffled surface, you get the typical chattering guiro sound.