Rakatak Rohema


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You simply hold the instrument in your hand and make rattle-like movements forwards and backwards. The rakatak has no filling, but a hollow and upwardly open sound body with a pierced mallet. As it moves, the mallet strikes the sides of the resonating body, producing the characteristic sound that reminds one of horse patter or the rattle of a rattlesnake. With only one tone per motion, the Rakatak allows children to make music with precision and accentuation. The Rakatak is made of local beech wood. The balls attached to the mallet are lacquered with a saliva- and sweat-proof yellow lacquer.

The yellow Rakatak has the brightest sound of our Rakatak models.

The red Rakatak has a bright sound.

The green Rakatak produces a warm, darker tone than the yellow or red model.

The blue Rakatak produces a rather dark sound.

The brown version produces a very dark tone.