Mushroom shaker Rohema


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Our Mushroom Shaker will make all children smile. The round shape animates especially the smallest ones to grasp and lets them directly explore what this instrument has to offer.

The different colors combined with the different fillings playfully convey differences in sound and stimulate all their senses.

The bright appearance of the yellow mushroom shaker combined with the filling of fine steel sand provides a bright sound color.

The red Mushroom Shaker made of beech wood is filled with slightly coarser steel sand. This provides a warm and slightly darker timbre than it does with its yellow colleague.

The green mushroom shaker is filled with coarse steel sand and thus has the darkest sound color in the Mushroom Shaker range.

We manufacture the Mushroom Shaker rattles from native beech wood. The lacquer finish of the mushroom hat is sweat and saliva-resistant.