Maracas Rohema


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Maracas belong to the instrument type of idiophones. They consist of a hollow body, different fillings and a handle. They are played in pairs either alternately or simultaneously.

The Medium Maracas is made of the finest domestic beech wood and has a warm sound. The upper part of the resonating body is made of darker jatoba wood. This already marks the visual difference between this rattle and our High Maracas, which have a light sound.

The Wooden Maracas high is filled with fine steel sand and has a bright sound. To visually distinguish it from the other maracas, the top end of the sound body is made of light acacia wood.

The Maracas low has a darker sound. This can be recognized visually by the dark walnut wood that is worked in at the upper end of the resonating body.

Our maracas are filled with steel sand. The ergonomically pleasant shape of the handles makes it possible for children from toddler to elementary school age to create happy sounds in a comfortable and easy way.