Kleuren shakers Rohema


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Our Color Shakers are suitable for children of all ages. The compact shape and bright yellow color immediately appeal to kids. Whether in an educational setting or for playing at home. The Color Shaker Yellow is made from natural beech wood and finished with a sweat and saliva-resistant yellow lacquer. The Color Shaker is filled with fine steel sand for a bright timbre.

The red Color Shaker is made of locally sourced beech wood, which we finish in red lacquer. The red shaker is filled with slightly coarser steel sand, so it has a darker and warmer timbre than the yellow Color Shaker.

The green shaker is made of natural beech wood and is painted green. It has a dark tone color, because we fill it with coarse steel sand.

The Color Shaker Blue is made of native beech wood and is filled with very coarse steel sand. This makes the blue shaker the darkest sounding of our four Color Shakers. The blue color is sweat and saliva resistant and therefore absolutely harmless, even for smaller children.