As in my lessons, I like to use multimedia and creative agogic means, like music, for social projects.

Music as an agogic means can be widely used in socio-cultural work and community development.
This involves playful, creative activities, where the process of working is more important than the product itself.

In these projects I combine my expertise and experience in the musical and social-cultural field.
In mijn opleiding Bachelor of Social Work ben ik onder meer geschoold in creatief agogisch werken (muziek, beeldend, drama en audiovisueel),  en Creatieve Therapie.
For the Library of The Hague I have developed teaching programs and projects where I used audiovisual resources, books and stories for the benefit of social cohesion and talent and language development.

Because I have experience working with children with TOS (Language Development Disorder) I have knowledge of Dutch with Sign language and am able to use visual support tools. Therefor I can also run projects with groups that do not speak the Dutch language.